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drive virtualis vr helmet

Virtual Reality, an effective remedy for motion sickness? - 27/01/23

In concrete terms, you put on this virtual reality helmet and you find yourself in the middle of a calm sea, on a boat. We breathe, we are ...

The Sancellemoz clinic relies on innovation for rehabilitation

"The various scenarios or exercises we offer in virtual reality make rehabilitation less restrictive and more effective.
Montélimar Hospital

A hospital in Montélimar uses virtual reality to rehabilitate patients - Le Dauphiné.com - 07/11/2021

These new tools (editor's note: Virtualis' Virtual Reality solutions) should help in the management of post-stroke patients...
Virtual reality for patient rehabilitation at Freyming-Merlebach Hospital

The Freyming-Merlebach hospital has acquired a system using virtual reality for patient rehabilitation - Le Républicain Lorrain - 19/10/2021

Developed by health professionals, the Virtualis system "provides an additional tool to support the rehabilitation of the patient.
MotionVR in Pratville, USA, FYZICAL

Prattville 'FYZICAL' Therapy Center Implementing Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

“It’s going to change the way that we do physical therapy,” said Dawn Sexton, PT...
Kiné news 3


It is necessary to know how pain works in order to fight it well. Then the physiotherapist must find the key....

Virtual reality at the service of rehabilitation in Port-La Nouvelle - L'INDEPENDANT - 21/01/21

After three weeks of use, it turns out that you save 50% of the rehabilitation time......

Virtual reality for therapy - La Liberté.ch - 09/02/21

"...this combined form of dynamic posturography platform with virtual reality, this technology is unique..."...
Stéphane Fabri - Virtualis VR

Stéphane Fabri - Kiné Actu - Oct 2020 - ... respects the cognitive and functional fidelity of movement

Its use [Editor's note: the Virtualis device] is part of a global approach, which respects cognitive and functional fidelity...
MotionVR, Computerized Dynamic Posturography and Rehab Motion Simulator

MotionVR a concentrate of technologies for effective rehabilitation - Kiné Actu - Sept 2020

The advantage of MotionVR is that the amount of movement and support can be set and progressively quantified per axis......
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