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Virtual reality "saves the life" of an agoraphobic patient at the Clinique de l'Escrebieux

Virtual reality is one of the therapies offered at the Clinique de l'Escrebieux, in Esquerchin, a specialized...

Rehabilitation in the chronic phase of adult stroke: Relevance, indications and modalities

Stroke often leaves motor and cognitive after-effects beyond the first few months of recovery. The...

Interview Benoit Faucher - 24h Vélo Skoda

Virtual reality offers many advantages in sports rehabilitation. First and foremost, it enables the recreation of f...

Results of the Rééduca 2022 draw ! IPhone 14 Pro

Results of the Rééduca 2022 draw ! Find out if you have won the IPhone 14 Pro®...
Montélimar Hospital

A hospital in Montélimar uses virtual reality to rehabilitate patients - Le Dauphiné.com - 07/11/2021

These new tools (editor's note: Virtualis' Virtual Reality solutions) should help in the management of post-stroke patients...
Virtual reality for patient rehabilitation at Freyming-Merlebach Hospital

The Freyming-Merlebach hospital has acquired a system using virtual reality for patient rehabilitation - Le Républicain Lorrain - 19/10/2021

Developed by health professionals, the Virtualis system "provides an additional tool to support the rehabilitation of the patient.
reduca innov 2021 winner

MotionVR winner of Rééduca Innov 2021

Virtualis, winner of Rééduca Innov for the 3rd time in 5 participations !
MotionVR in Pratville, USA, FYZICAL

Prattville 'FYZICAL' Therapy Center Implementing Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

“It’s going to change the way that we do physical therapy,” said Dawn Sexton, PT...
Patient on MotionVR dynamic posturography and rehabilitation platform

The "MotionVR" has arrived and is operational. It is a joy! Both in its use and in its capabilities. Assessments, rehabilitation, everything is there! An incredible precision.

I still can't exploit its full potential. But the results are already there!...
Kiné news 3


It is necessary to know how pain works in order to fight it well. Then the physiotherapist must find the key....
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