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Functional rehabilitation: PhysioVR

All the software of Assessments and Functional Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality adapted to Physiotherapy practices as well as to Balance & Rehabilitation Clinics...

An infinite field of applications: Joint amplitudes, Motor coordination, Balance, Hemiplegia, Proprioception, Mirror therapy, Falls prevention, Muscular work of the upper limbs / lower limbs / spine, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) rehabilitation, Cognition, Pain management, Spine specific exercises in the 3 planes etc...

virtualis vr values

What they say about it...

These tools open up a new path for rehabilitation.

P.Y. Libois, Neurologist, Belgium

A precise answer adapted to your daily life:


**Source: Hoffman, H. G., Richards, T. L., Coda, B., Bills, A. R., Blough, D., Richards, A. L., and Shararar, S. R. (2004). Modulation of thermal pain-related brain activity with virtual reality: evidence from fMRI. Neuroreport, 15(8), 1245-1248.

Some of the exercises available in the BalanceVR Pack:


The real "Swiss Army knife or all-in-one tool", capable of re-educating all functional pathologies in virtual reality.

Indications: Para-tetraplegia (upper limbs/lower limbs), hemiplegia, hemineglect, Parkinson's, trauma, rheumatology (lumbago, shoulders), motor coordination, sport (reaction time) ...

Example of possible exercise:
Neuro: work on the dissociation of the belts by orienting the action to the right, to the left, by crossing then work on agonist/antagonist coordination to fight against ataxias or tremors by reducing the size of the balloons. Play on amplitude or speed, ... Evaluate the score and stimulate improvement.

Simulation of VR virtual reality reflexes VR virtualis
mirror rehabilitation virtual reality simulation vr virtualis

Mirror Therapy

The first immersive Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy tool - Management of cognitive-motor disorders in adults. Real-time visualization to promote neuronal plasticity. Active or passive mobilization assisted by the therapist possible.

Indications: post stroke, TCC, Algoneurodystrophy (SDRC), Amputees, Traumatology after plaster cast, ...

Example of a possible exercise:
Activate the brain plasticity and thus the motor control of a hemiplegic person with sequences of hand opening/closing, prognosis, wrist flexion/extension. Possibility to make the healthy side disappear to focus on the injured side, ...


Analytical rehabilitation of the shoulder: working on the amplitudes of the shoulder in abduction, flexion or a combination of both.

Indications: Rhumatology (rotator cuff), Traumatology (dislocations), Neurology ...

Shoulder VR simulation rehabilitation virtualis
Cervical Spine Amplitude

Cervical Spine Amplitude

Measurements of Cervical Spine amplitudes (with pain thresholds) in a few seconds. Evaluation of right/left cervical rotation. Flexion/extension. Right/left tilt with limited compensation and greater accuracy than conventional methods.

Indications: Rhumatology (neck pain), Traumatology (AVP), Neurology (stroke), ...

Upper Limb Pursuit

Functional rehabilitation of the upper limb (with a VR controller or a tracker) by tracking a target according to a trajectory and amplitudes defined by the practitioner. Analytical or global work.

Indications: Rhumatology or traumatology of shoulder, wrist, ataxia, Para/tetraplegia, ...

Example of a possible exercise:
In the case of shoulder capsulitis for example, start by working analytically on lateral rotations and then move on to easy diagonals. Continue with ellipses for circumductions that you will gradually widen ...

Pursuit CoP 3 virtualis vr
SpineVR. Spine and lower limb mobility rehabilitation software.


Spine and lower limb mobility rehabilitation software.

Indications: Active rehabilitation of the spine in flexion/extension, inflection associated or not with work on the lower limbs with or without lateral displacement.  

Example of apossible exercise: As part of a post-operative sequence of operations on the lumbar spine, the patient will be able to carry out movements of the bust in lumbar locking then in progression carry out unlocked exercises then combine them with movements of the lower limbs.


Air Race VR

Software that allows a patient to perform active tilts of the cervical or thoracolumbar spine.

Indications : Any pathology of the spine requiring a gain of amplitude at the level of the amplitudes of rachidian inclination : osteoarthritis, herniated disc, fractures, muscular tensions.  

Example of possible exercise: we can work on the active mobilization of the cervical rachis in lateral inclination while controlling the amplitudes of the movement. This is interesting for cervical spine or cervical spine surgeries when mobility must be recovered (by exceeding the patient's cervical amplitudes). 

AirRaceVR : Is compatible with static posturography and rehabilitation platforms, [StaticVR ] to work on medio-lateral support transfers.


Archery simulation software for archery simulation in adjustable environments according to the patient's grasping abilities, joint capacities and exploration capabilities. visual. 

Indications : Musculoskeletal pathologies of traumatic or neurological origin of the upper limbs and the spine.

Example of possible exercise: In a rehabilitation of a dorsal cyphosis in adolescents, we can use a bow to work the fixators of the scapula in a playful setting from a position maintenance. In progression, the thoracic amplification necessary to tension the bow will be increased and the duration of the isometric holding of this position will be worked on (by adding to this constraint the mobility of the targets, the patient will associate thoracic postural correction and vertebral mobility).

arc simulation virtual reality rehabilitation virtualis vr

And also...

And much more, not to mention all the new features developed every month.

PhysioVR, includes:

The Pack with all the software


Complete High-End Hardware Required

(PC + Screen + Virtual Reality Mask...)


An Intuitive Patient Management Interface

(follow-ups, definition of protocols and printing of reports)

Complete equipment included in the physioVR package:

HTC Vive Pro Full Kit VR virtualis
HTC Vive Pro Complete Kit
PC Virtual Reality Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
High-end VR PC
Computer Screen Virtual Reality Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
22' touch screen
Jump motion device - Virtualis VR
Leap Motion + Specific Fixation (for hand tracking)
Complete furniture virtualis vr
The trolley (H150/L65/P60) (optional)
controller xbox one black virtualis vr
XBOX one wireless controller
Steering wheel and pedals for vehicle driving virtual reality rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
Steering Wheel Pedal + Bracket Kit (Thustmaster T150 + Wheel Stand Pro V2)
VR Cover virtualis
Hygienic protection foams
Tripods - Virtualis VR
2 Tripods to install the bases
2 trackers virtual reality rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
2 trackers + straps: 1 size M and 1 XL

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