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Our approach

Virtualis was born from the will of a Health Professional, Physiotherapist, Franck Assaban, to find complementary or new solutions to treat pathologies or types of patients.

With years of practice as a physiotherapist, exchanges with scientific partners and research on new technologies, Franck Assaban has identified the full potential of virtual reality applied to rehabilitation and health in the broadest sense.

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Virtualis' approach is to provide therapeutic solutions and simplify the daily life of Healthcare Professionals. 
  • Reduce your investment with an all-in-one tool that replaces the purchase of multiple devices
  • Enhance the value of your Centre or Practice with an innovative and attractive complementary care offer
  • Improve Rehabilitation Protocols
  • Manage more diseases
  • Perform fast, accurate & reproducible assessments
  • Make your patients work autonomously but in a controlled way

Franck managed to reproduce virtual reality effects by hijacking an unexpected object: a beekeeping mask. And the results were impressive!

This convinced Franck that there was a real sense in going further and creating Virtualis in May 2015, a self-financed French company with the sole aim of reinvesting in innovation to offer ever more effective therapeutic solutions.

Virtualis has since given itself the mission of :

  • Bringing real benefit to patients
  • Offering a relevant treatment offer
  • Responding to specific needs with products that did not exist before
  • Enhancing and optimising the practice of healthcare professionals while simplifying their daily life

Today Virtualis is:

  • A multidisciplinary team: Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Virtual Reality Engineers, Trainers, Quality, Marketing, Administration, Sales ...
  • Innovation applied to health several times awarded: Rééduca innov' 2016, Trophée Innovation Kiné 3.0 2017, Rééduca Innov' 2017, 2018, finalist Rééduca Innov' 2019
  • A self-financed French company with no external investors
  • Headquarters in Montpellier and 1 subsidiary in the United States (Virtualis VR, Corp. in Delaware)

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