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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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Prevention, Rehabilitation and Re-athletisation are the essential phases in the care of the athlete.

The objective of prevention is to avoid the athlete's injury by offering muscle strengthening exercises, both analytical and global (functional) with a progressivity adapted to each athlete and in real time, for example with the exercises [ReflexVR] and [SkiVR].

In the case of an injured sportsman or woman, virtual reality rehabilitation will provide complementary exercises that will allow a faster and lasting recovery: avoid chronic pain due to the injury, reduce pain, recover joint amplitudes, strengthen muscles, work on balance... all with fun, immersive and clinically effective tools, for example with the [SquatVR], [Target Tracking ] or [CDP Pressure Centre Pursuit] exercises. Finally, reathletisation during and after the rehabilitation phase which will be done with exercises and individualised protocols according to the sport practised and the level of the athlete: [Optical Flow], [BirdVR] and [MotionProgram].

Push the experience to the max with the Dynamic Posturography and Rehabilitation Platform, MotionVR: programmed or random controlled destabilizations, adjustable axis by axis.

  • Sprains
  • Ligamentoplasties
  • Anterior cruciate ligament
  • Tendinopathies
  • Menisectomies
  • Fractures

And concretely, How's it going?

Let's take the example of a 25-year-old ACL patient who underwent ACL surgery with DIDT.

case study knee 2 virtualis vr

The treatment by the physiotherapist for this type of pathology could be:

  • Treatment before D21: work on muscular siderations thanks to open chain reflexes with exercise [ReflexVR].
  • Assessment at D21: Initial evaluation of proprioception quantified in only 3 min thanks to the equilibrium assessment [CTSIB] of the distribution of supports and the centre of gravity. This assessment should be repeated regularly during the treatment.
  • According to the surgeon's recommendations, passive mobilization under load and random destabilization can be worked on early and safely with the "Motion Program" module: control of working axes, amplitudes and speeds!
  • Work on controlled or reflex loading and proprioception through the exercises [CDP Pursuit], [Optical Flow], [SkiVR] and [BirdVR].
  • Strengthening with or without loads/elastics in co-contraction of the quadriceps/hamstrings with the exercises [SquatVR] and [SpineVR].

Jumping exercises coming soon ...

Some of the exercises mentioned:

Go further with MotionVR ...

The Dynamic Posturography and Rehabilitation platform, MotionVR, allows you to work by setting the limits of amplitude and speed axis by axis, for an earlier recovery of the proprioception in complete safety and therefore with a saving of overall rehabilitation time. This work can be carried out for example with the exercises [SkiVR ] [BirdVR], [Motion Program] and [Walk VR ] (walking in rough terrain).

MotionVR Virtual Reality Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
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