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Collaborative Development

collaborative development

Collaborative and scientific development, the Virtualis DNA

Because Virtualis has been thought and designed to offer a relevant, innovative and therapeutically effective care offer, user feedback is essential.
Since its inception (from 2014) Virtualis has involved its customers and scientific partners in the design and optimization of virtual reality assessment and rehabilitation tools.

Today, Virtualis is a community of more than 500 users in 26 countries who share their experiences, care protocols and best practices with the common goal of continuous improvement in patient care.
Our customers have at their disposal means of communication to send their suggestions for improvement: online form, chat, customer support, exchanges with their Virtualis Consultant/Trainer (PT's and OT's), meetings at trade fairs and congresses ...

Virtualis works with many scientific partners: research teams, universities, expert therapists, recognised trainers etc... in order to meet the most demanding needs in terms of measurement precision (assessments) or rehabilitation exercises. 

At the same time, the user community is sometimes asked to carry out beta tests on new tools or modules, to develop new protocols, new rehabilitation modules, etc. These collaborations are the wealth of Virtualis.

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After more than 10 years of Research & Development, Virtualis has developed MotionVR, a Dynamic Posturography & Rehabilitation Platform that has been tested at different stages of its design by some of its customers

JM Vitiello

Physiotherapist Specialized in Clinical Posturology and Manual Therapy at the Rehabilitation Center of the Château de Colpach in Luxembourg is one of them.
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