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At Virtualis, we have defined together the words that represent the line of conduct we share. From this collective reflection were born values that we apply every day and that we can explain, because at Virtualis we want to "do what we say":

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Innovation: daring and being bold

Anything concrete?

How did a young French start-up decide to develop a computerized dynamic posturography and rehabilitation motion simulator, MotionVR, which shakes up the standards of the world market? 10 years of R&D, exchanges with international experts, prototypes, customer feedback and a large dose of audacity.

Proximity: Virtualis is based on a community

An example? 

The arrival on the market of an infrared camera that faithfully reproduces finger movements gave the Founder the idea of developing a tool for Mirror Therapy.

During a congress, he met Prof. Libois, Neurologist and Rehabilitator in Belgium, who on the one hand had led a similar project in the past and on the other hand has a hemiplegic or hemiparetic patient in his centre.

A collaboration is set up to provide the Beta versions of the software [Mirror] to Prof. Libois, to obtain the first clinical feedback, and to make this software evolve to obtain the best possible results. A clinical study is in progress, and several papers and posters have since been presented in PRM or Neurological congresses.

Icing on the cake, a beautiful friendship was born and other software will follow [Relaxation VR] for example.

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Expertise: patient health is at the heart of the project

That is to say?

Virtualis was born from the desire to carry out a therapeutic project. An internal Scientific Committee composed of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, Virtual Reality Engineers, a Quality Manager ... are involved every day to provide an offer with a therapeutic effectiveness recognized by international experts.

Responsiveness: we are there for our customers

Everything is done to satisfy our customers from the design of the solutions to their use with patients.

An example?

One of our clients, a physiotherapist in Evreux, calls us on a Tuesday morning to inform us that his PC is no longer on and that he will have to cancel two sessions scheduled for the following afternoon. The after-sales team then sent him an after-sales PC on D+1 which he received on Wednesday at 11am. His two patients were therefore able to do their scheduled sessions on Wednesday afternoon.

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Commitment: reliability and integrity

In two words

Virtualis positions itself as a partner to accompany its clients over the long term in the optimization and enhancement of their practice: a healthy and sustainable collaboration.



And our difference...

Solutions designed with you, for you

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