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StaticVR, Static Force Plates for Assessments & Rehabilitation

StaticVR is a simple & efficient solution for an efficient management of your patients.

  • Fast & reproducible results
  • Progressive, adapted and playful rehabilitation thanks to virtual reality

The +: agility

Mobile use (home, EPHAD...) on a tablet or smartphone (Android, iOS) thanks to Bluetooth® compatibility with the Kforce by Kinvent® software suite.

Compatible with all types of screens: video projector, TV ...



  • Analysis & quantification of Balance and Posture (Balance Disorders, Neurological, Postural - Sports, etc...)
  • Various assessments: Sensory organisation test (CTSIB VR), Wavelet analysis, polar representation of movement, distribution of support. Limits of Stability (amplitude, precision, reaction time). Weight Bearing Squat, Rhythmic Weight Shift, Unilateral Stance, Sit To Stand, Balance Error Scoring System (Instrumented BESS).
  • Accurate monitoring of patient progress
  • Quick & easy printing of the balance reports for the referral


  • Wide range of applications: Balance, Posture, Proprioception, Sports, Orthopaedics...
  • Dual task rehabilitation possible (Upper Limb)
  • Decrease in pain* and increase in range of motion
  • Increased patient motivation
  • Increased recovery due to patient engagement

In short, the StaticVR :

  • 2 independent force plates with 4 load cells per foot
  • Weight Distribution (right/left and front/rear)
  • Use in Posturography and Lower Limb Rehabilitation, Re-athletisation, Sportsmen and women...
  • Immersive rehabilitation programs in virtual reality but also compatible with a video projector or a TV.

Some of the exercises available with the StaticVR force plates:


Sensory organization test, Balance assessment, support distribution. Stabilogram - Statokinesigram - Sensory Organization Synthesis with Conditions 3-6: image controlled by head movements along the 3 axes (unique) - Spectral Analysis by Wavelets and Polar Representation of the Stabilogram (Requires a foam block type Airex© for conditions 4 to 6)

Balance sheet CTSIB
Limits of Stability - dynamic and rehabilitative posturography - Virtualis VR

LOS - stability limits balance

Software allowing to make a balance and to determine the limits of stability of an individual as well as its strategy of balancing in the sectors approaching this limit. 

Breakdown of support - balance sheet :

Software for assessing the distribution of support by foot in real time.
Measure in % of body weight or in kg of right and left support but also the % of anteroposterior support of each foot individually.

Weight Distribution
Rehabilitation Static Posturography - Ski - Virtualis VR


Transfers of the Medial-Lateral supports during a ski run simulation


360° postural control work with double task exercises (upper limbs)

Pursuit CoP 3 virtualis vr

Center Of Pressure Pursuit:

Feedback, precision, amplitude of support transfers (Center of Pressure),


Walking on the spot

WalkVR virtualis vr
Limits of Stability Rehabilitation - VIrtualis VR

LOS Rehab:

Software for re-educating the adaptive reactions to the patient's destabilization at the margin of his stability limits. Work (increase) of the Limits of Stability.

And much more, not to mention all the new features developed every month.

*Source: Hoffman, H. G., Richards, T. L., Coda, B., Bills, A. R., Blough, D., Richards, A. L., and Shararar, S. R. (2004). Modulation of thermal pain-related brain activity with virtual reality: evidence from fMRI. Neuroreport, 15(8), 1245-1248.

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