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Practical information for patients

"My physical therapy sessions?"

"With pleasure!
with virtual reality!"
Virtual Reality Balance Solution virtualis
woman helmet virtual reality virtualis vr

virtual reality?

With a headset, it allows you to immerse yourself 360 degrees in a lively and ultra-realistic environment. Virtual reality brings a more playful dimension to the treatment and you become an actor of your rehabilitation.

The health professional will adapt the sessions according to your feelings and your rhythm.

During virtual reality rehabilitation sessions, you are focused on your goal and you will perform movements more easily, you will also feel less pain*: a faster recovery!

VR Virtualis virtual reality headset

Can my pathology or disorder be treated in virtual reality?

The range of applications is very wide:

  • Joint or muscle problems, neck pain, sprain, shoulder pain ...
  • Hemiplegia
  • Balance disorders, prevention of falls
  • Motion Sickness
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation (even years after the incident)
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis...
  • Rehabilitation of the sportsman
  • And many more

Already more than 100,000 patients have been treated worldwide with Virtualis solutions. A healthcare professional is certainly equipped near you!

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Our patients talk about us!

after the 5th session, I realised that I had no pain in my hand at all (...) I was able to recover my hand considerably (...) I regained a taste for life...

Maryse, patient

with Neuroalgodystrophy
Two patients of Dr Libois, Neurologist, in Belgium, testify to the beneficial effects of their treatment with virtual reality. Real progress at the clinical and functional level...

Testimonials of two patients treated with Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy

Patients with neurological disorders of the upper limb
I can see the results: I can now do my exercises standing up when I was initially supposed to sit down. I used to not be able to walk straight if I looked away other than straight ahead. Now I can look at the landscape around me without any problem. For the dizziness, it has been very positive for me, I can see the evolution, it has nothing to do with it anymore. I can make the difference between what I see and what my body feels.

Audrey, patient

with Balance/Vestibular Disorders
It went much better than the first sessions. I still have this feeling, this high heart, a little bit like in the rides or on the speed bumps, but I no longer have the cold sweats I had at the beginning which afterwards led to nausea.

Nathalie, patient

treated for sea motion sickness
I live on the first floor with spiral stairs, until maybe a month ago, when I was coming down those stairs..., I was sick right away. I got seasick right away... but now, for the last month, I don't get seasick anymore... About a month ago, one day I was in the car with a friend, and suddenly I realized that I had arrived in the car without having had any nausea at all since the morning. It was 12:30 in the afternoon, it was huge.

Marie, patient,

treated for balance disorders following a fall
drive virtualis vr helmet
I don't have that feeling of leaving anymore, I'm not afraid of the truck I'm about to pass. I also manage to look at the cars passing by on the other side, whereas at first I was clinging to my steering wheel and looking at the truck in front of me. It was complicated to have a global vision of the scenery.

Lucy, patient

treated for motion sickness, car sickness, flashlight syndrome and dizziness.

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