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Proprioception Disorders

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Balance and/or Proprioception disorders can now be assessed and treated, whatever the etiology, with a complementary solution based on Virtual Reality.

Balance is governed by three sensory inputs: Somesthesic (proprioception), Visual and Vestibular.

Virtual Reality allows to measure and re-educate the importance of each sensory input in the patient's balancing strategy. This "weight" of the sensory inputs is specific to each person according to age, physical activities practiced, lifestyle, and is influenced by many pathologies.

The assessment [CTSIB VR] allows the rehabilitation protocol to be oriented, thus favouring work on Vision, Proprioception or the Vestibule according to the results of the assessment, thanks to specific modules.

This targeted orientation on the deficient sensory inputs is often neglected whereas it is essential in improving the Balance of each patient (Seniors, Neuro, Ortho, Sportsmen etc...).

RV, Virtual Reality, provides effective complementary tools to improve the Balance of the dependent elderly person as well as the most seasoned sportsman (ACL rupture, sprains, etc...).

And concretely, How's it going?

Let's take the example of a clinical case of an 80-year-old person who fell while shopping, with post-fall syndrome. Unlabelled etiology.

Virtualis - rehabilitation - virtual reality

The recommended protocol of care for this type of syndrome would be:

1The physiotherapist could start with a check-up:

  • Drawing up a balance sheet [CTSIB] to refine the deficits involved (somatosensory, visual, vestibular) and determine hip/ankle strategies.
  • Assessment of "straight ahead" with the Assessment of [Cephalic Repositioning], i.e. proprioception of the neck muscles.

2Then would come the treatment phase with the virtual reality rehabilitation carried out by the physiotherapist:

  • It can be interesting to start with relaxation with the module [Relaxation], as part of an initiation to Virtual Reality, VR, by performing acts of mobilization. Then, work can be done in a standing position, slowly scrolling through a landscape with the [Optokinetics] module.
  • Realization of simple and motivating exercises by fighting against visual dependency in the balancing strategy and work with intrinsic destabilizations (vestibulo-spinal reflex) for example with the modules : [Head-Eye Coordination], [ReflexVR], [Target Tracking] and [Whack a mush].
  • Working on sit-to-stand transfers with [SquatVR].
  • Stimulation of somesthesia altered by age by inducing reflex repositioning of the centre of gravity, for example with the [Optical Flow] exercise or in a progressive and voluntary way with the modules : [Pressure Center Pursuit] and [BirdVR]. The patient will be able to fight effectively against retroposition, by using the underused ankles and toes (because in hip strategy). In progression it is possible to add a foam (type Airex™).
  • Working with the [LOS] module to work with the Limits of Stability.
  • Exercises to help rehabilitate ADLs: [Crowd], [SupermarketVR] and [Escalator ] (significant psycho-affective impact).

Some of the exercises mentioned:

Go further with MotionVR...

The Dynamic Posturography and Rehabilitation platform, MotionVR, allows you to work by setting the amplitude and speed limits axis by axis for an earlier recovery of proprioception in complete safety, resulting in an overall saving of rehabilitation time. This work can be carried out for example with the exercises [SkiVR], [ BirdVR], [Motion Program ] and [Walk VR ] (walking in rough terrain).

MotionVR Virtual Reality Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR
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