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Our solutions

Functional rehabilitation

A complete solution of Functional Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality adapted for any clinical setting...

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A set of software developed specifically for the management of Vestibular and Balance Disorders…thanks to the ability to make real-time changes in virtual reality !

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Rehabilitation software dedicated specifically to the treatment of Motion Sickness  using Virtual Reality.

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Computerized Dynamic
Posturography and Rehabilitation Motion Simulator

Computerized Dynamic Posturography and Rehabilitation Motion Simulator, MotionVR: precise analysis & quantification of balance and Posture, with varied, fast and reproducible assessments. MotionVR is also equipped with a wide field of rehabilitation exercises with (or without) Virtual Reality.

MotionVR Dynamic Posturography - Virtualis VR

Two static force plates for posturography and rehabilitation with fast, varied & reproducible assessments. StaticVR includes a variety of rehabiliation exercises with (or without) Virtual Reality. 


A team of experts: Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Virtual Reality Software Developers, Support and Logistics, Quality ... advises you, trains you and accompanies you in the realization of your project of equipment in Virtual Reality.

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All-in-One Tool - Progressive Rehabilitation - 

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Solutions designed with you, for you

Virtualis has been designed by a Healthcare Professional, International Speaker, surrounded by an internal Scientific Committee, and International Scientific Partners, to put virtual reality at the service of Health.

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