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Virtualis is a great mix of skills and personalities that gets involved every day in an exciting adventure and works seriously, without ever taking itself seriously.

An imperative we are committed to:

team spirit





these are our internal values, the DNA of our team!

Team Virtualis

An imperative we are committed to:

team spirit





these are our internal values, the DNA of our team!

Franck Assaban

Physiotherapist - Founder, President

Franck is the founder of Virtualis. He is the designer of the software and platforms of Bilans & Rééducation. He is an expert kinesitherapist in Rehabilitation of Balance Disorders (3 University Diplomas in this field*). He is the first therapist in the world to have designed a Rehabilitation software with a Virtual Reality immersion mask as of 2014. He has this double competence: Health Professional and Virtual Reality Content Designer.
Franck is regularly invited to international scientific congresses to present his work, to show the potential of RV for therapeutic purposes or to bring his expertise as a therapist.
A true builder and visionary, Franck leads his teams so that everyone can express themselves and innovate every day, while respecting the internal values of Virtualis.
Franck also has many other strings to his bow: musician, singer, actor, barbecue master, darts champion and recently, a warrior on the tennis courts ...

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Patricia Besson

General Manager - Chief Marketing Officer

Patricia joined the team to take Virtualis to the next level in terms of Marketing & Communication and not only that. Indeed, after two and a half years she also took on the role of General Manager. Patricia likes to innovate, build and structure, to support the exciting business project of Virtualis, while giving meaning to her actions, centred on people. Patricia is full of energy and enthusiasm, she likes to get things moving and share. She is passionate about sports: tennis, skiing, etc. (before joining Virtualis, Patricia was already familiar with physiotherapists' offices, having spent a lot of time there in rehabilitation following numerous injuries :-)), she also enjoys travelling and eating well. A phrase that inspires her: "I never lose, either I win or I learn" Nelson Mandela.

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Laurent Froin

International Business Development - Associate

After a solid experience in business development (Sales Director for EADS-USA, Xerox, etc...), he joined the Virtualis team to guide its busness development in France and internationally. After having contributed to the development in France, Laurent is now dedicated to international development in order to maintain and consolidate its position as World Leader in the field of Therapeutic VR (Virtual Reality) applications.
He is also committed to improving follow-up and ensuring customer satisfaction. Passionate about sailing and diving, Laurent also has a talent for imitation...

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Laëtitia Gervais

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director

Laëtitia joined the Virtualis team as Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager, with a solid expertise in medical device regulations.

Trained as an engineer, Laetitia chose to work in quality to satisfy her creativity and curiosity by communicating with all the company's teams. She was soon given the opportunity to join the medical devices sector, a field she particularly likes for its combination of technology and mission for patients.

On a daily basis, his dynamism and team spirit enable us to bring to market products that comply with regulations and are safe for our customers and their patients.

Outside her professional life, Laëtitia loves to dance (rock, swing or other line or ballroom dances), travel by bike (in France and Europe: Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland...) and also cook for herself and her loved ones!

His philosophy: "A solution for every problem!

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Stéphane Bogue

Head of Sales France

Passionate about innovative solutions, Stéphane chose to join VIRTUALIS after a solid professional career in large groups such as Canon France, LPG Systems ...
As Head of Sales, Stéphane's mission is to drive the growth of Virtualis in France.
His expertise in the world of physical therapy allows him to place healthcare professionals at the heart of Virtualis' concerns and to offer them the best solutions for therapeutic purposes.
Passionate about Ironman Triathlon, Stéphane puts into practice on a daily basis the values of this sport that are dear to him: resilience, humility, benevolence and positivity to take VIRTUALIS to the top.
His favorite phrase "#Anything is possible".

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Julie Maillard

Marketing & Communication Manager

With over 10 years' experience in Marketing, Communications and Project Management, Julie joined Virtualis with the aim of deploying the marketing levers that will enable the group to maintain its position as world leader.
Customer centric in her approach, Julie believes in the need for cohesion and true personalization in the customer experience.
Passionate about travel and nature, Julie juggles wildlife (🐶🐶🐱) and flora in her daily life with her many plants 🌴🌱🪴🌿(by the way if you own a Variegata Monstera, don't hesitate to get closer to her).
A principle she will always uphold: "There are no strangers on this Earth, there are only people we don't yet know."

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Laurence Corporon

Senior Office Manager

Laurence joined the Virtualis team as a Senior Office Manager, with several years of experience in executive assistant, human resources and administrative management. Her background as a company manager in the animal industry gives her a strong background in both human resources and business management. An ideal Swiss Army knife to facilitate the daily work of our teams. Curious about everything and anything, from team sports (basketball, volleyball) to individual sports (swimming, martial arts); passionate about animals and how they work, having made it her profession, she is "never without my dog"... If things have to be done, they will be done.

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Elodie Garcia

Administrative and Accounting Assistant

Elodie joined the Virtualis team in February 2023 as an Administrative and Accounting Assistant. After spending ten years in the printing and communication industry, she worked as a management assistant in the orthopedic industry.
Curious and positive by nature, she is always there for others. Passionate about reading and Camargue traditions.
Her motto: enjoy every moment and see the positive side of every situation.

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Patrick Olivo

General Manager, USA market

With many years of business development in medical device, Patrick is fully committed to deploying Virtualis' presence in the North American market.
His enthusiasm, his business/market expertise and his commitment to customer satisfaction are real assets for the development of therapeutic virtual reality solutions designed by Virtualis, on the North American market.
Patrick is passionate about sports: baseball, golf, fitness. He likes to get up every morning convinced that he is helping to build something good. His motto: "Change is the end result of all true learning".

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Henry Macarios

VP Sales & Operations, USA

Henry has many years of experience in sales development and business strategy in the medical equipment industry. He is committed to the Virtualis project and to the technological innovation that allows therapists to differentiate themselves and is committed to a long-term partnership and collaboration with his clients. Henry brings solutions that will improve the daily life of everyone, especially health professionals to help them achieve excellent clinical results on their patients using Virtualis tools.
Henry is an avid skier, loves to travel, and lives his life according to George Addair's dictum: "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear".

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Franz Gayet

Occupational Therapist - Consultant Trainer

Franz is an Occupational Therapist and also studied Cell Biology and Physiology. Franz joined Virtualis to bring his clinical vision and experience to the training of our users. He is also a member of the internal Scientific Committee that works on new treatment protocols and participates in software development. Franz is curious about everything, passionate about sliding on water, snow and ice (ice hockey), he lacks time to play the saxophone. His motto? Taking care of others and transmitting.

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Serge Vranckx

Physiotherapist - Consultant Trainer

After a career rich in varied experience (private practice, management, training, etc.) and an eternal student, Serge, a physiotherapist, decided to join Virtualis to bring all his clinical and teaching experience to the company and its customers.
An avid learner, new technologies are obviously one of his main interests, and combining Virtual Reality and rehabilitation seems more than obvious to him.
On the sports front, Serge is an avid cyclist and squash player, but cerebral sport is also part of his daily routine, along with reading in a wide variety of fields, although philosophy, and in particular ancient Greek philosophy, holds a very special place.
His rule of life: learn from the negative, but always feed off the positive.

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Chloé Van Hede

Physiotherapist - Consultant Trainer

Chloé is a physiotherapist, having worked in a Center and in a private practice, and is a Consultant/Trainer at Virtualis. Her numerous trainings (Shoulder, Nutrition, Pain Management, Manual Therapy) and her atypical background allow her to have a global view of the profession. What does she like about her job? Putting the patient at the heart of his treatment and making him an active participant in his care. Her mission at Virtualis is to accompany clients in the use of VR Rehabilitation solutions by leading training sessions to ensure that they are used to their full potential.
Chloé is also a member of the Virtualis internal Scientific Committee and participates in the development of new software and protocols to meet our customers' business needs. Dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic, her numerous trips have allowed her to understand that people are a real passion. Chloé likes to discover, understand and create. Her credo: "The greatest failure is not having the courage to dare" Abbé Pierre.

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Loïc Dupuis

Physiotherapist - External Training Consultant

Loïc has a long experience as a Masseur-Kinésithérapeute DE acquired in his private practice with a very manual and qualitative practice. CRF, SSR, Private practice, CHU of Grenoble in Vascular Neurology and Pediatrics, he was able to apprehend the different typologies of patients. He intervenes as an external Consultant/Trainer to put this experience at the service of user training, to bring his clinical vision and is a member of the internal Scientific Committee which works on new care protocols and participates in software development.
Loïc is passionate about music (hi-fi, acoustics), in search of encounters, discoveries and driven by a contemplative curiosity 🙂

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Charles Destruys

Sales - Consultant physiotherapist

A physiotherapist with 20 years' experience in private practice and high-level sport, Charles shares with his colleagues the same passion for human beings in all their dimensions. Quality of care has always been a leitmotiv for him. That's how he approached his practice, supported by extensive training and always ready to offer his patients the very best.

Charles joins Virtualis as a Consultant and member of the Scientific Committee, to bring all his business expertise and contribute to the continued development of the company, which has been patient-oriented since its creation. He is convinced that virtual reality is an unprecedented opportunity for the world of rehabilitation. It promises many years of exciting innovation, collaborative work and development for a profession he holds dear. So it's only natural that he should want to share it with his peers.
Rejecting "boxes", he has always known that he would have a varied professional life. He also has a wealth of sporting experience: hiking, rugby, tennis, judo, running, cycling, pelote basque, padel... He also loves cooking, good food, aperitifs, family and friends, and outings on his motorcycle or with his dog!
His gimmick: work seriously, without taking himself too seriously! (and just as well, it's the Virtualis gimmick 😊)

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Angela Julienne

PhD in Neurosciences - Doctoral student

Angela is a PhD student in Neuroscience and joined the team to work on her CIFRE thesis project. The objective of her thesis is firstly to pilot a clinical study on the normative values of the Dynamic & Static Posturography Assessments and on the accuracy of the assessments, performed on the MotionVR and StaticVR platforms. In a second phase, Angela will work on the development of new types of assessments (prediction of falls, balance strategy...) in more "ecological" and dynamic conditions... in short, to reinvent the Posturology of tomorrow.
Passionate about dance (especially salsa, bachata), travel (self-proclaimed polyglot) and curious and questioning nature, her leitmotiv is: "Set a goal so big you can't achieve it until you become the person who can"!

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Guilhem Trauchessec

Technical Manager

Guilhem is Technical Manager and manages the development team within Virtualis. Expert in Development, VR, Unity, Software Design, C#, 3D Modelling, Guilhem also brings his rigour, great creativity and a real technical mastery. He is always ready to help and share.
His passions? Travelling, climbing, rum and cheese. A phrase that guides him: "They didn't know it was impossible so they did it".

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Florentin Denis

Developer Unity VR

Florentin joined the Virtualis development team as a Unity, VR and C# developer, as well as in 3D modeling and animation.

An expert in creating immersive worlds, he masters technical complexity with a touch of originality.

Always ready to lend a hand, he is happy to share his know-how.

Outside work, he enjoys DIY, video games and exploring new virtual worlds.

His philosophy: "When it's done, there's nothing left to do".

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Camille Bernadas

Developer Unity VR

Camille joined the Development department in 2023 as Unity VR Developer. A master of the Unity engine, he excels in the design of highly interactive virtual software. He brings technical expertise and enthusiasm to the team!

Passionate about role-playing games and video game development, he loves to share fun and instructive moments. His motto: "Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life" -Confucius.

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Florian Rodriguez

Assembly and installation technician

Florian has joined the Virtualis Logistics & After Sales team as an Assembly and Installation Technician. He works in the team of Romain, Logistics & After Sales Manager and by his daily actions contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.
Florian is passionate about sports, marine aquariums, good burgers and cold beer.
A phrase he particularly likes: "The heart gives the direction, the brain the solution, the body the concretisation" Luis Fernandez.
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Léni Fleith

Assembly and installation technician

Léni joined the team in 2021 to reinforce the Logistics team.
In relation with the suppliers, he ensures the supply of the various goods allowing the manufacture of the platforms. He contributes to guarantee a constant production throughout the year.
A lifelong travel enthusiast, he goes on adventures with his backpack in search of new experiences whenever the opportunity arises. In his free time, he tinkers, makes music or plays video games. A phrase he likes? "If there is a solution, there is no point in worrying. If there is no solution, worrying is just as pointless."

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Arnaud Benet

Assembly and installation technician

Always enthusiastic and willing, Arnaud has joined the Logistics and After Sales team of Virtualis. Arnaud contributes to the smooth running of the company with his good mood and his involvement to ensure customer and team satisfaction. Arnaud is a terrariophile, which allows him to travel from his couch, when he is not spending his free time flying.
His key phrase? There is only one gear down, the others are up.

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Dylan Giamporcaro

Marketing & Communication Trainee

Dylan joined Virtualis as a Marketing & Communication Trainee. Dylan arrived to reinforce the Marketing & Communication team and works on various audiovisual, print and digital creations but not only: social networks, website and many other missions will be entrusted to him. Passionate about graphic design, drawing and new technologies, Dylan also loves manga, cinema, desserts and discovering the world around him.
His motto: "Every difficulty encountered must be an opportunity for new progress."

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* Training - Communications by Franck Assaban

  • DIU Rééducation Fonctionnelle de l'Equilibre, Paris VI (Alain Sémont - Pr Elisabeth Vitte) 2009
  • IUD Vestibular Rehabilitation, Paris VI (Dr Bernard Cohen - Dr Michel Toupet) 2010
  • DU Handicaps Sensoriels et Rééducation des Troubles de l'Equilibre, Paris VII (Pr Tran Ba Hui - Pr Yelnik) 2010
  • Member of the French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy (SFKV)
  • Associate Member of the International Society of Otoneurology (ISO)

Some examples of Scientific Communications :

  • Virtual Reality for Vestibular Rehabilitation - VAI Global Virtual Summit - An update on Vestibular System -Turkey - July 2020

  • Virtual Reality for Vestibular Rehabilitation - Audiology-Vestibular Science Forum - United Arab Emirates- April 2020

  • The Rehabilitation of Cinetosis in the physiotherapist's office: 8th congress of the SFKV - Rennes, France - March 2020

  • Virtual Reality for Motion Sickness Desensitization: Congress on Motion Sickness - Akureyri, Iceland - July 2019

  • Virtual Reality for Vestibular Rehabilitation: 11th Practical Approach to Vertigo Meeting - Istanbul, Turkey - October 2019

  • Virtual Reality for Motion Sickness Desensitization: 11th Practical Approach to Vertigo Meeting - Istanbul, Turkey - October 2019

  • Dynamic Posturography: Can the virtual replace the real? : 17th ENT Assises of Nice - Nice, France - January 2019

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation and Virtual Reality: 17th PACA ORL Congress - Mandelieu la Napoule, France - June 2019

  • Virtual Reality and Vestibular Rehabilitation: 18th SIRV Congress - Poitiers, France - May 2018

  • Virtual Reality at the service of Functional Rehabilitation: Day of the Tunisian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Sousse, Tunisia - 2018

  • Sense Workshop: Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation - ENT World Congress - Paris 2017

  • Virtual Reality for Vestibular and Motion Sickness Rehabilitation - ENT World Congress - Paris 2017

  • Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation - European Neuro Convention - London - UK - June 2017

  • Desensitisation of kinetosis in vestibular physiotherapy - SCORL Days - Pitié Salpétrière - Paris 2017

  • Contribution of Virtual Reality in Neuro-Sensory Kinesitherapy - 5th SFKV Congress - Paris - April 2017

  • Virtual Reality at the service of Kinesitherapy - 6èmes Journées Francophones de Kinésithérapie - Paris - April 2017

  • Virtual Reality for Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation - Neuro Rehab Expo - London (UK) 2016

  • Virtual Reality and Vestibule - 50th IOS Symposium - Dijon 2016

  • Bringing Virtual Reality to Vestibular Kinesitherapy - 4th SFKV Congress - Lyon 2016

  • Cinetoses in 2015 - Contributions of Virtual Reality - 49th WIS Symposium - Fez (Morocco) 2015

  • Virtual Reality at the service of the Vestibule - WIS Spring Meeting - Mons (Belgium) 2015

  • The Contribution of Virtual Reality in Vestibular Rehabilitation - 17th Nice ENT meeting - 7th Equilibrium Rehabilitation Meeting - Nice 2015

  • Virtual Reality for Health - Laval Virtual Days, Health & Disability - Paris 2015

  • Contributions of Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Cinetosis - 48th Symposium of the SIO - 10th ESCEBD Symposium - Nancy 2014

  • New approach in the treatment of Cinetosis - 14th ENT meeting in Nice - 4th Balance Rehabilitation meeting - Nice 2012

  • New approach in the treatment of Kinetosis - 14th SIRV Congress - Marseille 2012

  • New approach in the treatment of Cinetosis - 45th Symposium of the IOS - Mondorf-les-Bains - Luxembourg 2011

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