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Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) & Rehabilitation Motion Simulator,  MotionVR

MotionVR, is a compact and efficient solution to optimize your care offer.

  • More than 10 years of research and development
  • Innovative design integrating the latest technologies
  • Precise & complete assessments
  • Progressive, adapted and playful rehabilitation thanks to virtual reality
  • Fully adjustable amount of movement per axis

The plus: an all-in-one tool:

A single device for multiple applications.
Optimization of space in your clinic or center with minimum floor space.
Ease of maintenance with minimum maintenance.


  • Precise analysis & quantification of Balance and Posture (Balance Disorders, Neurological, Postural - Sports, etc...)
  • Various assessments: Sensory Organisation Test (SOT), Wavelet Analysis, Polar representation of movement, Support distribution, Stability limits (amplitude, precision, reaction time). Coming soon (included in the offer): Weight Bearing Squat, Rhythmic Weight Shift, Unilateral Stance, Balance Error Scoring System (BESS standardized test)...
  • Accurate monitoring of patient progress
  • Quick & easy printing of the balance reports for the referral


  • Wide range of applications: Balance, Posture, Proprioception, Sports, Orthopaedics...
  • Adjustable amount of movement per axis for optimized progression
  • Adjustable speed and range of motion
  • Dual task rehabilitation possible (Upper Limb)
  • Increased patient motivation
  • Reinforced involvement of the patient with a feeling of being an actor of his rehabilitation

What they say about it...

"Since the acquisition of the platform/virtual reality pair, we have been able to perform all of our clinical and rehabilitation assessments on a single affordable system instead of several more expensive systems. Balance, Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Post-Oncology, Motion Sickness, Neurology, Cognitive Disorders... the scope of application has not yet reached its limits."

 Jean Michel Vitiello, Physiotherapist Specialized in Clinical Posturology and Manual Therapy at the Rehabilitation Center of the Château de Colpach, Luxembourg - Beta tester since June 2019

In short, the MotionVR :

  • 2 XL force platforms with 4 load cells per foot
  • Weight repartition (right/left and front/rear)
  • Controlled and quantifiable 360° movements
  • Use in Dynamic Posturography but also Rehabilitation of Lower Limbs, Sportsmen, Re-athletisation, Motion Sickness ...
  • Immersive Rehabilitation programs in virtual reality but also compatible with a video projector or TV (optional).
MotionVR Virtual Reality Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR

Some of the exercises available with MotionVR, Computerized Dynamic Posturography & Rehabilitation Motion Simulator:


Sensory Organization Test with Conditions 3-6: image slaved to head movements according to the 3 axes - Spectral Analysis by Waves and Polar Representation of the Stabilogram - Statokinesiogram

Balance Balance - Sensory Organisation Test - Virtualis VR
Limits of Stability - dynamic and rehabilitative posturography - Virtualis VR


Stability Limits Assessment

Motion program :

Control of the moving plates by pulses / tilts

In feedback or eyes closed (vestibular entry). 

Movements independent of the patient's weight (including pulses), flexibility of the table top can be set per axis

Platform Protocol virtualis vr
Distribution of support - Functional Rehabilitation - Virtualis VR

Weight repartition:

Analysis of weight repartition (distribution) per foot


Transfers of the Medial-Lateral supports during a ski descent simulation. Stable or unstable platform (dynamic). Addition of destabilizations (ski moguls) configurable.

skiVR virtualis


360° postural control work with double task exercises (upper limbs)


Walking on the spot, double task (Mr. Sup), not clocked (Parkinson)

WalkVR virtualis vr
CoP Pursuit

Center Of Pressure Pursuit:

Feedback, precision, amplitude of support transfers (Pressure Center)

LOS Rehab:

Working (increasing) Stability Limits

Rehabilitation Stability Limits - VIrtualis VR

And much more, not to mention all the new features developed every month.

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