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Our will is to be able to provide solutions enabling a relevant offer of care, with therapeutic effectiveness and sustainable results.
Virtualis has therefore built itself and develops day after day by collaborating and surrounding itself with the best scientists and researchers recognized worldwide. The solutions are used by teams in the best Centers, Universities, Hospitals ... in the world for the care of their patients or in the context of research work. The Virtualis team of Health Professionals (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists) is then able to analyze and understand the feedback from these practitioners, professors and researchers and then make the necessary improvements or evolutions to the tools.

Let's have a look back at some collaborations:

RV Mirror Therapy - Virtualis VR
During the development of the application of Mirror VR Therapy (Mirror VR), we met on a scientific congress Dr P.Y Libois, Neurologist and founder of a rehabilitation centre in Belgium (Charleroi). He had already worked with mirror therapy in "quasi virtual reality" with old tools developed in-house and conducted clinical studies. He immediately showed his interest in our tool under development. We were thus able to collaborate with his multidisciplinary team (Kinesiologists, Ergos, Neuro-Psy etc...) and launch a clinical study on the effectiveness of the tool on chronic hemiplegic patients (over 3 years old). This collaboration has enabled us to benefit from field feedback from the early stages of development, to orient modifications in near real time on effectiveness and to benefit from quantified performance indicators (clinical study). From this collaboration were born other softwares: Relaxation VR for example, developed with his team (hypnotherapist, Neuro-psy) and a beautiful friendship!

Dr Pierre-Yves Libois

Neurologist, Rehabilitator, Belgium

Some of our scientific partners:

korian-employment-disabled worker
azzolino chiropractic neurology & integrative wellness
Bloomsberg university
Luxembourg Red Cross
Paul Coste-Floret Hospital
CH annecy Gennevois
Hopal Foundation
Grand hôpital de charleroi
Laveran Hospital
LNA health
Kerpape Partners
Berthoz Partners
Besnard Partners
Bonan Partners
CERV Partners
CNRS Partners
Debré Partners
INRA partners
Keshner Partners
Magnusson Partners
Partners Perennou
Perrin Partners
Schepers Partners
Venail Partners
Rochester University
Adolphe de Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation
Saint luc ucl brussels
Tokushima University
UGECAM Valmante
University of Akureyri
University of Reykjavik
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