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Cluses: the Sancellemoz clinic relies on innovation to ensure the rehabilitation of its patients

Opened in October 2021 in the Noiret district, the Sancellemoz clinic specialises in follow-up and rehabilitation care (known as SSR). It mainly welcomes patients suffering from neurological disorders (stroke or progressive pathologies such as Parkinson's disease) or traumatic conditions, following accidents, fractures or prosthesis surgery, for example. The medical establishment stands out among the care offered in the Arve Valley thanks to its innovative tools proposed to facilitate the rehabilitation and the motor and cognitive progress of its patients.

Virtual reality for patient progress

A forerunner in this field, the care establishment has been using Virtual Reality since its installation in Cluses in order to make rehabilitation more fun and, in this way, to help patients progress more quickly.

"The different scenarios or exercises that we offer in virtual reality make rehabilitation less restrictive and easier to maintain in the long term, since the patient's attention is not relaxed. He therefore progresses more quickly. In addition, the data we collect through the virtual reality devices allows us to refine more precisely the margin of progress of each patient. We therefore have concrete results on which the medical team can work, as part of the follow-up of our patients' care," explains Catherine Avecque, the referring doctor for the Clinéa group, to which the clinic belongs.

At Sancellemoz, Virtual Reality is mainly prescribed in the care pathway of patients admitted for cognitive disorders or neurological conditions, as well as for people who have been traumatised, following an accident or an operation, for example.

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