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I met Virtualis in the meeting in Kuşadası-Turkey. After Franck’s speech in Kuşadası, I learnt about the benefit of this new technology and since I have many patients with Vestibular disorder, I want to bring it to my facility. I am treating vestibular disorders, the applications are Optokinetic, Optical Flow, Target Tracking, Head-Eye Coordination, SkiVR and BirdVR. Before Virtualis solutions, treating a patient took a least 3 months, but with method I observed that the patients were treated in only a month. In generaly, I received positive feedback from my patients, one patient mentioned that :”IT WAS A MIRACLE FOR HER”. The 3 key benefits of using Virtualis solutions are : Quicker results than traditional methods, Improving life quality of the patients and Stronger patient engagement compared to traditional method. In just a few words, Professor Bayramoglu succintly captures the value that Virtualis solutions have brought to his facility : « Increase number of patients as a result of positive outcomes and patients referals. »

Ismet Bayramoglu

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Professor DR.
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