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Hamid Bateni ,1 Jenna Carruthers ,1 Rebecca Mohan ,1 and Seyedamirhossein Pishva 2

Use of Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy as an Intervention and Diagnostic Tool

Within the past decade, the integration of computer-generated virtual realities (VRs) has witnessed a significant rise in the field of healthcare, particularly in diagnosis and treatment applications. These VR systems have found extensive use in physical therapy, rehabilitation, research, and assessment. This narrative review article is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the literature regarding the implementation of VR in the physical therapy profession. The primary objective of this review is to provide information to clinicians about the diverse applications of VR and its potential advantages in intervening across various patient populations and diagnoses during rehabilitation therapy. Through in-depth discussions with experts and a thorough review of pertinent literature, several significant aspects of the topic were identified. Subsequently, we carried out an online search to investigate the prevalent utilization of VR systems within healthcare, both as assessment tools and for therapeutic interventions. Our examination encompassed a total of 56 articles, with supplementary references incorporated as required.

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