Franck Assaban
Franck AssabanFounder - CEO
Franck is the founder of Virtualis and the software designer

An expert physiotherapist in the Rehabilitation of Balance Disorders (3 University Degrees in this field *), he is the first therapist to have designed rehabilitation software with a Virtual Reality Immersion headset as early as 2014.
He has a double qualification: Healthcare Professional and Virtual Reality content designer.
He is regularly invited to international scientific congresses to present his work, contribute his therapist expertise or to show the potential of VR in the wider therapeutic field.

Laurent Froin
Laurent FroinDirector of Operations - COO
Laurent is a commercial performance consultant.

After a solid experience in commercial development (Sales Director for EADS -USA, Xerox, etc.), he joined the Virtualis team to guide its development in France and internationally. His sense of business management allow Virtualis to maintain and consolidate its position as a global leader in the field of Therapeutic VR applications.
He is also attached to improving follow-up and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Victoria Perez
Victoria PerezChargée d'affaires
Victoria ensure the smooth running of the company.

After a strong experience in the custromer satisfaction field, she works in the shade in order to keep the workflow fluidity in every department.

Guilhem TRAUCHESSECLead VR developer
Guilhem is leading the conception of the Virtualis softwares.

His rigour and technical creativity are his main advantages in the process of finding innovative solutions.

Mirela BALOG
Mirela BALOGQuality manager
Mirela’s expertise in the medical devices field allow Virtualis to ensure the quality and the conformity of all its therapeutic VR software.
DevelopmentTeam of engineers
Benoît DOREY

A team of Virtual Reality application development expert engineers/developers specifically trained in the Medical field is the core of our tool production. They are assisted by a few external contractors for specific needs.




* Franck Assaban Education – Communications

  • DIU in Functional Rehabilitation of Balance, Paris VI (Alain Sémont – Pr. Elisabeth Vitte) 2009
  • DIU in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Paris VI (Dr Bernard Cohen – Dr Michel Toupet) 2010
  • DU in Sensory Disabilities and Rehabilitation of Balance Disorders, Paris VII (Pr Tran Ba Hui – Pr Yelnik) 2010
  • Member of the French Society of Vestibular Kinesitherapy (SFKV) Associate Member of the International Society of Otoneurology (SIO)

Some examples of Scientific Communications:

  • Virtual Reality at the service of Functional Rehabilitation: Tunisian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation day – Sousse, Tunisia – 2018
  • Sense Workshop: Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation – ENT World Congress – Paris 2017
  • Virtual Reality for Vestibular and Motion Sickness Rehabilitation – ENT World Congress – Paris 2017
  • Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation – European Neuro Convention – London – UK – June 2017
  • Desensitisation of kinetoses in vestibular physiotherapy – SCORL Days – Pitié Salpétrière – Paris 2017
  • Contribution of Virtual Reality in Neurosensory Physiotherapy – 5th SFKV Congress – Paris – April 2017
  • Virtual Reality at the Service of Physiotherapy – 6th Francophone Physiotherapy Days – Paris – April 2017
  • Virtual Reality for Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Neuro Rehab Expo – London (UK) 2016
  • Virtual Reality and Vestibule. 50th SIO Symposium – Dijon 2016
    Contributions of Virtual Reality to Vestibular Kinesitherapy. 4th SFKV Congress – Lyon 2016
  • Kinetoses in 2015 – Contributions of Virtual Reality. 49th Symposium of the SIO – Fes (Morocco) 2015
  • Virtual Reality at the service of the vestibule. Spring meeting of the SIO – Mons (Belgium) 2015
  • Contributions of Virtual Reality to Vestibular Rehabilitation. 17th ENT Conference in Nice – 7th Balance Rehabilitation Conference – Nice 2015
  • Virtual Reality at the service of Health – Laval Virtual Days, Health & Disability – Paris 2015
  • Contributions of Virtual Reality to the treatment of Kinetoses. 48th IOS Symposium – 10th ESCEBD Symposium – Nancy 2014
  • New approach to the treatment of Kinetoses – 14th Nice ORL sitting – 4th session of Balance Rehabilitation – Nice 2012
  • New approach to the treatment of Kinetoses – 14th Congress of the SIRV – Marseilles 2012
  • New approach to the treatment of Kinetoses. 45th Symposium of the SIO – Mondorf-les-Bains – Luxembourg 2011