Our customers are satisfied and let us know:

After using every day for more than 6 every Virtualis softwares, my work as professional is greatly facilitated as much by the simplicity of the interfaces as the multiple choice of applications allowing a good adaptation to the very diverse grievances of the visual dependence like kinetoses. The results obtained are surprising, in speed as in stability. Moreover, and this is a great point, the development team is quickly reactive and ingenious.

O. Dumas , LYON

Thanks to this inovation and the effectiveness of the exercises offered the patient feedback is really rewarding. The different modules optokinetic stimulation can vary the exercises. The CinetoRV software promises a new support for patients suffering from the evils of heights and transport. Finally the measurement of different verticals is easy and fast to use. The Timothee / Franck team works perfectly.

P. Combalbert, MARSEILLE

For RVR:

  • Optokinetic stimulation facilitating the effective engagement of the optokinetic reflex by the total field and the immediate feeling of the vection
  • Finally, a static and dynamic VVS evaluation that is easy and quick to integrate into all our reports
  • Optical flow is the visual stimulation that was lacking in the therapeutic arsenal of the vestibular physiotherapist
  • A real highway simulation to put the patient back in real life and in total immersion
  • The enslaved vision available for the CTSIB (Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance) while waiting for a slave platform.

For CinetoRVR:

  • A complete pack for all forms of neurosensory frustration: ask for conflict and you will have the appropriate visual and sound stimulation
D. Gerbaulet, TOULOUSE