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Virtualis participates in the 25th edition of the ENT and Balance Assizes from February 2 to 4, 2023, at the Palais des Congrès et des Festivals in Cannes! 😊

Virtual Reality (VR), according to Virtualis, developed by Health Professionals, has become essential in the management of balance and vestibular disorders. Virtualis continues to distinguish itself by offering innovative assessment and rehabilitation software. Care protocols allowing a global and effective management of patients, such as for example: objectifying postural deviations (oscillations of the COP) of the patient in Optokinetics and Optical Flow, Modified Sensory Organization Test: evaluation of the Balance and the various systems which contribute to it in isolation, re-education of the vestibulo-ocular and vestibulo-spinal reflexes, measurement of the amplitudes of the Cervical Rachis (with pain threshold) in a few seconds...

In addition, Virtualis is the only company to be able to connect static (StaticVR) or dynamic 360° (MotionVR, Rééduca Innov 2021 prize 🏆) Posturography and Rehabilitation platforms allowing a precise quantification of Balance and Posture and to then carry out the Rehabilitation protocols 🚀

We look forward to seeing you at this new edition! Meet us at our booth #40 😁

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